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LSI Megaraid physical device error counters and what SMART errors they imply

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At work we have a number of LSI megaraid controllers & dell perc cards. Today I ran accross a system with a “Other Error Count: XX” assigned to the both drives in a raid 1 array. It took some googling but it turns out these are not ciritcal drive media errors, but some other SMART errors.

For reference here is a list of the LSI megaraid error codes and the corresponding SMART failure count (Thanks to the dell linux mailing list).

  • Predictive Failure Count == Number of SMART errors.
  • Media Error Count == Number of SMART errors related to the drive media.
  • Other Error Count == Number of SMART errors not related to the drive.

See wikipedia for the SMART error codes.

Written by pdeaudney

October 22nd, 2009 at 1:57 pm

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